With so many options out there, the challenge becomes finding a product that’s the right size for your body. Most cups are advertised as either average in cervix length or longer and, as Rasas says, “A cup that doesn’t fit you internally is never going to work.”

If you’ve experienced pain with a cup before, it could very well be because you have a high cervix. During the day, reusable cups ride up due to muscle contractions and physical movement. This can cause the cup to travel up too high, sending your body into fight-or-flight mode. “You know it can’t be lost, but your body doesn’t have logic the same way your mind does—so it tenses up,” Rosas says. This is why choosing the right size for your body is so important. “It’s good to know what you’re getting into before you waste money or before you get into one of those really fearful experiences,” Rosas says. 

Your cervix height varies depending on the time of the month, so to find out your ideal size, Rosas recommends measuring your cervix during your period—specifically the first and last day—and taking note of the lowest number. Take a finger to measure inside your vagina opening, up until you touch your cervix—it feels like the tip of your nose.

If you have a hard time finding it, chances are you have a high cervix. If your finger finds your cervix, purchasing a cup that’s shorter than the length measured will provide the most comfort. Low cervix options are available in-store too.

Those with a low cervix may also find success with a disc rather than a cup. Menstrual discs are suction-free and easy to remove, however, “if you’re coming from a tampon with an applicator, it can be really messy. It’s a huge change in terms of your fingers going into your vagina,” Rosas says.

If you aren’t open to self-measurement, chat with your OB/GYN about cervix height on your next visit. They can help provide a ballpark measurement, pointing you to where your cervix falls on the spectrum of “low” to “super high.”

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