Fresh off their $5 million defamation lawsuit victory over Donald Trump in a New York courtroom, E. Jean Carroll and her attorney Roberta Kaplan went on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show to discuss the case. The two women spoke about the ups and downs of the experience, but mostly the vindication and subsequent elation Carroll felt as her very strong case against the man she says raped her came to its justified conclusion.

Maddow asked if Trump’s defamatory responses to the verdict—both online and the following evening where he continued to claim he “never met her” and “had no idea who she is” on CNN’s ill-conceived town hall the day after the verdict—were “just the way it has to be?” Kaplan put that to bed very forcefully, saying: “It’s definitely actionable. And here the cruelty will make him less wealthy. He’s not going to get away with it another time.” Kaplan said since there are very few precedents of someone willing to defame a person after losing a defamation case against that person, she and her legal team were working on exactly how to go about it.

But it isn’t the only iron Kaplan has in the legal fire, and she made it clear they weren’t done with the disgraced former president.

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