One of the nice things about Fortnite is any match can be yours to win through some combination of luck, skill, and patience. But perhaps you want something more. Perhaps you want to know that you’re the best, and more importantly, for other people to know too. You’re in luck: Fortnite is getting ranked play modes.

Over the weekend, Epic Games detailed what’s likely the biggest addition coming with the Fortnite’s 24.40 update: ranked play for both Battle Royale and Zero Build modes. Starting with the update (exact release timing TBD), players will have the option to turn on Ranked mode and begin climbing their way from Bronze to Fortnite’s top honor, Unreal.

Once players turn Ranked Mode on, Fortnite will begin to match them with players of a similar rank — those squadding up will be matched according to their best players’ rank, and teammates rise or fall together. And, because this is Fortnite, ranked play will also come with the chance to win cosmetic rewards.

Ranked play will follow a seasonal schedule, kicking off with a trial “Season Zero” alongside the 24.40 patch. Season Zero will run until the end of the current Fortnite Season — Chapter 4, Season 3, for those not keeping track — and future ranked seasons will begin and end alongside regular Fortnite seasons.

Further details on progression and other balance changes coming in patch 24.40 can be read on the Fortnite blog. Get your reps in now, you’ve got gains to maintain.

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