In one of the TV shows we can’t wait to see this summer, the gang from The Full Monty, Simon Beaufoy’s 1997 cult classic about sacked steel workers forming a male stripping group in Sheffield, UK, are back together after 25 years.

In the Disney+ trailer, we see Gaz (Robert Carlyle), Dave (Mark Addy), and the gang all that little bit older, but still grappling with the ups and downs of life in the upcoming spinoff series.

Oh, and if you were wondering if they’re still stripping, the trailer puts a swift end to that question.

“I know you lot from somewhere!” says one character at a Sheffield job centre, when he sees the men together. “Strippers! Are you still doing it?”

“What do you think?” is Dave’s blunt response.

The Full Monty is streaming on Disney+ and Hulu from June 14.

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